Design permeates almost all areas of life today; and its social significance continues to increase. Users and consumers expect products which they perceive as a homogeneous whole and whose functional complexity can be easily and intuitively controlled. In product development it is therefore becoming increasingly important to overcome the boundaries of the individual disciplines and to interlink competencies. Since design creates the connection between people and technology it is predestined to play a leading role in this process. Based on this requirement the consequence for us is to put our focus on all those competencies which are essential for the development and the realization of a concept to a modern, market-driven product. From this claim, we have the consequence of focusing on all those competencies that are necessary to develop and implement a concept into a modern, market-driven product. Considering the product as a whole, we therefore focus on the following main topics.


correlations become transparent from a point of view which provides the necessary overview. At the beginning of a project all possibilities are still open, and it is essential to recognize the opportunities now, because in the further course of development it is too late for basic approach. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the initial situation at this early stage so that the course can be set correctly. The aim is to identify potentials which open up new scopes. On this, as external partners we can make an important contribution.

In an intensive dialogue with our customers, we systematically examine the topics ergonomics, usability, technology, and design; we analyze them according to alternative methods of solutions and reconnect the results with varying emphases. In doing so, we look at things from the design perspective, i.e. always with a notion of the finished product and its market potential. With this view of the project, we enrich the internal perception with a new quality, and we provide valuable impulses for the next steps. With empathy, unbiased thinking und with the experience gained from many development projects we support our clients in broadening horizons and opening up new terrains.


The world around us is changing constantly. It is the great leaps in technology that revolutionize the product world in recurring intervals and that create new applications. Networking and digitalization are the major trends of our time, and they lead to miniaturization and dematerialization of products, whereby the border between the physical and the virtual is increasingly dissolving. Within this development, the task of design is combining these different worlds into one homogenous whole and making the increasing complexity controllable.

At the same time, we are experiencing that products become more and more similar in many areas, with the result that competitive advantages in terms of visible product features are becoming increasingly difficult to generate. Even in this respect, design plays a key role, because the relationship between product and user offers very often the greatest scope for developing unique selling points. As designers, we therefore focus on those approaches to solution that, in addition to their innovative potential, also have a communicative potential that can be expressed in design itself. In order for ideas to develop into concrete solutions, all relevant disciplines must be regarded as equally influencing factors and their dependencies must be comprehended in detail. With our wealth of experience und knowhow from many projects and business sectors, we make a valuable contribution to this process.


Nowadays corporations have to react to new developments and market requirements in ever shorter intervals. The transformation of a brand into the future is also one of the most challenging tasks for design, since it is simultaneously a matter of maintaining and further developing identity features which ensure identification and differentiation. Whether a corporate design strategy is successful in the long run is thus decided both by the independence of the design language and by the mutability of the resulting design system, the application of which is normally described in a design manual.

Binding and openness can only be brought in line if the typical design features have a strong anchoring in terms of content and therefore have an identity forming character. In addition to the abstract brand values which find their symbolic or associative expression in the design, the specific features and technical solutions are in particular predestinated starting points for establishing brand-specific design features. Their active staging in design combines property and form to an authentic statement beyond the formal interchangeability. The brand design thus gains sovereignty because its strong characteristics can basically remain, even if they have to be reinterpreted or transferred to other technologies in the course of stylistic development.


Anticipating trends and identifying opportunities belong certainly to the greatest challenges in product development. Parallel to the particular area, the dynamics of the market, especially in the consumer section, constantly leads to new applications and standards, which in turn create corresponding expectations on the part of the customers. Many of these new demands on products are directly related to the interaction between user and product and are therefore a classic design topic that can generate real added value at this point.

The development of a promising concept is just as challenging as its implementation into a marketable series product. Experience has shown that in almost every product unforeseen obstacles can appear that can endanger development and cost targets. A thorough, anticipating approach can counteract this danger. We therefore intensively address the feasibility of ideas and approaches in the initial design phases, identify and examine possible critical points and point out possible solutions. Our experience in the realization of development projects and the distinctive technical affinity of our team enable us to take up responsibitity for achieving the project aims. Our range of services covers all disciplines required for the successful design development of a technical product. This service offers important advantages, because competencies and responsibilities are in one hand. Synergy effects are created and communication which is so important for a smooth running of the project is considerably symplified.

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