Hardware - Puls Produktdesign GmbH

Product Design

We develop and design industrial products from the first idea to the production-ready implementation in a holistic development approach. In this approach, analysis, strategy, innovation and implementation are the most important cornerstones for the reliable achievement of project goals. Our thematic focus lies primarily on the products that place high demands on design, function, ergonomics, and usability. We have distinctive expertise in the sectors medical, healthcare, tools, and industry, resulting from intensive development partnerships and a multitude of ambitious individual projects.

Software - Puls Produktdesign GmbH

UX / UI Design

We create user interfaces with the aim of combining the virtual dimension of a product into a homogeneous, logical unit, thus making it intuitively comprehensible. Based on the systematic workflow analyses we develop optimized usability concepts together with customers and users, and transfer them into a modern visual-design in state-of-the-art-processes which together with the product design represents the philosophy of the brand. With CGI and animations we offer possibilities of visualization that intensify the user experience and put products attractively in scene.

Strategy - Puls Produktdesign GmbH

Strategy & consulting

Precondition for strategic decisions is the realistic evaluation of the current status. This includes the objective analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors. The unprejudiced look from the outside can help to determine the position and to sharpen the self perception. To this end, we can contribute valuable experience from comparable situations in other companies and industries. With analytical strength and the knowledge of what is feasible, we support you in evaluating the status quo, and show you new, creative ways to further develop the design language of your products.

Design Engineering

The transfer of high-quality surface data (Class A Surfaces) into series production is our claim. Therefore we attach particular importance to the design implementation. In this phase, we develop all design-relevant components ready for production, considering all influencing geometries and technical requirements. In our experience, the close cooperation with technologists and constructing engineers, in which the different competences are equally combined, leads to the best possible outcome. The result of these developing steps is final CAD-data of external surfaces or complete components which can be directly transferred to the tool manufacturing. Our claim is the transfer of highest quality surfaces from the study to the series production.

Corporate Design

A careful analysis of the solutions and technologies being applied for all the design-relevant parts form the technical basis and the first step on the way to a cross-product, strategic design orientation. Based on the evaluation of the identified potentials and with a view to the strategic goals, we then develop a resilient, coordinated concept for a set of design features. The result is a detailed design manual that explains the strategy, illustrates the design language, and clearly shows the rules and scope for implementation.


In the respective development phases models are means of gaining insights. Ergonomics and usability, design, and function can only be reliably evaluated by means of an appropriately designed, three-dimensional pattern. We therefore offer an adequate form of model making for each of these objectives:

— Experimental Setup / Mock-up
Simple, physical construction without a specific design statement to evaluate ergonomic and workflow concepts.

— Functional Model
Functional model derived from CAD data to check dimension, function, and usability without specific design statement.

— Design Model
Design model derived from CAD data (rapid prototyping) with original finish for final design evaluation Prototype: functional prototype based on the final CAD construction data and with final design statement.


Whether for customer surveys or for the market launch, every objective and each stage of development require an adequate form of presentation. As visualization experts, we can precisely serve almost the entire spectrum: Within the design imagery this ranges from principle representation to design sketches and realistic-appearing, computer-generated presentation renderings. CGI (computer generated imaging) and animations offer themselves as attractive forms of visualization in connection with product launches for apps or for the visual design of user interfaces.